Let's see. What can we say about ticks and fleas. To be straight with you,
there is nothing good to be said about ticks and fleas.
Except that when they're gone, you're happy your pet is happy, everybody is happy.
Everyone but the ticks and fleas, of course.
They are parasites. They live off other animals. And when they do, it's usually not pretty.
A good prevention plan is not just a good idea, it makes
for a much healthier environment for you and your pet!

We beg you to keep up a regular plan to kill and eradicate these  pests.
Sevin 5 in the yard and bedding. Frontline Plus topical. Prevetic collars.
These are all viable means to control these parasites.
We have many products that can help. Please call about the products we have available.
If you need help with any infestation, please call. Don't make your pet suffer needlessly.

Dogs will be checked for ticks and fleas,
and charged for services rendered.

Click here to see what a tick really looks like.

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