Here are some frequently asked questions from our clients.
We have tried to answer some of the most popular questions.
If you need additional information, feel free to call us at 305-451-3678 or
email at

Q:  Can I bring my pet’s bedding from home?

A:  Yes, you may bring your pet’s blanket or bedding.  Please keep in mind that we cannot be responsible in any way
for damages to bedding or any strange smells that you may take home with the bed after it has stayed with your pet while boarding.

Q:  What are  your hours on weekends and holidays?

A:  We are open on Saturday from 8am until 4pm and closed on Sundays and holidays. But if  you need to pick up or
drop off beyond those hours, you can make arrangements with an appointment.

Q:  Can I bring toys and treats for my pet?

A:  Yes, you can bring toys and treats for your pet. but they will only be put down at night.

Q:  Do I need to bring my pet’s own food?

A:  Most dogs do much better when kept on a consistent diet by eating food brought in from home. We will also feed a
younger dog 3 meals a day if necessary and can accommodate special dietary needs.  If you do bring in your dog’s food,
please try to bring in as much as they will need for their stay.  For example, a 7 pound Maltese will not need to have a
15 pound bag of food brought in for a 3 day stay. We offer house food, but encourage you to bring your own food to
avoid a disruption in your pets diet that might result in  diarrhea or other stomach disorders.

Q:  Is the kennel air conditioned?

A:  Yes, we keep the kennel very comfortable for the animals at all times.

Q:   Will you administer medications for my pet?

A:  Yes, we can administer pills, ointments, eye drops and ear drops.  We are happy to do this for no additional charge.
Please bring in the medicine in its original container from your pet’s vet and relay any directions as to administration of
all med's. We can give intra-muscular shots if needed.

Q:  Do I need to make a reservation?

A:  Absolutely.  It is very hard to  accept walk in’s. Please remember to make your reservations far in advance for the
summer season and for holidays.  If making a change to or canceling a reservation, please be sure to phone us in advance.
Credit card deposits may be required if making reservations for any holiday  or long-term boarding

Q:  I have two or more dogs.  Can they stay together?

A:  Yes, we have multi-dog kennels that are large enough to accommodate any sized dog.  As long as your dogs get along together,
they may share the same kennel and we will select the run size best suited for your dog or dogs.

Q:  How do you calculate the bill?

A:  Charges vary depending on size of your dog or grooming options. Just like any fine hotel, we have a check out time.
PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT OUR CHECK OUT TIME IS 12:00PM.  If you pick up your pet after 12pm, you will be
charged for a day of day-care. The check in day is a billable day no matter what time of the day you check in.

Q:  What if there is an emergency medical problem?

A:  We have several excellent veterinarians in very close proximity to our facility, one of which is open all night and on holidays.
In the rare case that your pet would need medical assistance, we do ask that you leave a phone number with us at check in
where you could be reached.  If not reachable, then consider giving us the name and number of a relative or friend in town
who could answer questions about your pet for you. We treat every guest as if they are our own and give them the best
attention available.

Q:   What must I bring with me when checking in my pet?

  • The most important item would be proof of current vaccinations from your vet.  If you wish, you may have your vet fax
    your pet’s records to us before your arrival.  Please phone us prior to your arrival to confirm the receipt of the vaccination
    records so that we don’t hold you up upon arrival trying to verify this information.

  • Make sure your dog is securely on a leash when entering the building.  We will keep your leash back until you pickup your dog.

  • You do not need to bring food or water bowls of any kind and please don’t bring any items that are are so special to you or
    your pet that you can’t live without them.  We cannot promise a safe return of any item brought in to us from your home.

Q:  How many times a day will my pet be handled or given attention?

A:  All day!!  That is an amazing amount of attention especially compared to a kennel where your pet is just “warehoused” in an
indoor/outdoor run or a cage-less facility that charges extra for just walking your dog.  Every time your pet comes up to someone,
they are given lots of scratches, hugs and affection by our trained and caring staff members.  Here, your pet will not be starved for
attention.  And remember, all of our extra special attention is included in the price.

Q:  Can I expect to see different behaviors in my pet after boarding?

A:  Yes, when your pet is picked up after a fun visit at the Pet Motel, there are few guidelines that will make his or her re-entry
into the home more comfortable.

  • Don’t allow him to drink too much water for the first hour.
  • Don’t feed for at least 3 hours after coming home, but preferably not until the next day if you pick up in the late
    afternoon or evening.
  • Expect your pet to need more sleep for the first 3 days home.  Your pet has been very active here and a visit here can be
    compared to a child returning home from camp.

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